Pendekatan Fisiologi

Ketahui Apakah Keserasian Spiritual Dan Fizikal Diri Anda Dengan Bisnes Atau Kerjaya.

Setiap tubuh manusia mempunyai sifat-sifat semula jadi yang unik dan tersendiri. Sifat sifat tersebut memberikan isyarat-isyarat tertentu dari sudut fisiologi. Isyarat ini boleh dibaca pada bahagian tertentu dengan mengenal pasti ‘Reflect Points’ yang terbit.

Reflect points terbit melalui 12 saluran tenaga hayat (!2 channels of bio-energy) yang bersambungan dengan semua organ yang terdapat di dalam tubuh.

Pendekatan fisiologi amalan kesogehan akan melatih para santri mengenal pasti tahap kesihatan seseorang individu dengan mencari dan mengenal pasti reflect point mereka pada kulit kepala (Head’s scalp). Dengan menganalisa reflect points map atau diagram itu tahap kekuatan fizikal dan spiritual seseorang dapat diinterpretasikan.

Pendekatan ini dipanggil pendekatan holistik dalam kesihatan komplimentari yang dinamakan Acupresology. Dato’ Dr Rusly Abdullah adalah pengasas bagi Acupresology Malaysia. Dimana Acupresology merupakan penggabungan Javanese Body Massage (Pijatan) dengan Javanese Scratch Massage (Kerokan). Acupresology bukan sekadar berperanan dalam mengenalpasti tahap kesihatan seseorang bahkan ia membantu kesembuhan (Treatment) dan penjagaan kesihatan (Health Maintainance). Justru para pelatih yang menamatkan program latihan acupresology akan berpeluang menjadikan kemahiran itu untuk membuka sebuah Acupresology Wellness Centre.

Berikut ini sedutan dari buku teks pelatih Acupresology Institut Teknologi Kulinari Anjung Utara.

Holistic approach to health means considering  our life and our lifestyle as a whole including diet and exercise  so that we are not only looking at the symptoms of our ailment, but are also discovering the cause of them.

If your problem is prolonged it might give short term and long term impact to your life and could jeopardy your happiness.  So you must seek appropriate treatment. Conventional approach would always suggest to a patient to look for direct and specific remedy such as by taking aspirin, paracetamol or pain killer or other kind of drugs. It might help, but in long term it might expose the patient to bigger risks or other form of complication.

Basic Principles Of Acupresology

  1. The basic principle underlying Acupresology is that the organs, nerves, glands and other parts of the body are connected to reflex points located on various parts of the body, on the head (scalp), face and hands. These areas are easily found on the head scalp, the face and palms of the hands. By applying a combined method of therapies we will be able to treat a customer comprehensively.
  1. One of our treatment aim is to stimulate body’s own healing system. By stimulating the relevant reflex areas using a compression technique and a form of massage and acupressure with the thumbs, fingertips and edge of hands,  we can create a direct response in a related body area. For example, by working on the head scalp – i.e. by pressing a certain point or an identified area we will be able to activate body’s own healing system and to help alleviate certain symptoms.
  1. The right head, face and hand represent the right  side of  the body, while the left head, face and hand represent the left side of the body.
  1. Acupresology  all about bringing balance, harmony and a senses of wellbeing to the body. At time we find ourselves feeling out of sorts or ungrounded and our body need equilibrium in order to keep working healthily. acupresology treatment can help create this sense of balance.
  1. Acupresology is not a therapy solely used to diagnose illness. Acupresology offers an alternative complimentary diagnostic method to work side by side with other methods. Only qualified Acupresologist diagnoses ailments and recommends certain herbs to be taken by its patients.
  1. Even though Acupresologist  prescribes certain herbal products to be taken by his/her patients, it is not a medical treatment. It does not cure, naturally only the body can do that. Instead, it facilitates healing within the body.
  1. It is virtually impossible to determine how long it will take an individual to feel and enjoy the benefits from an treatment bu acupresology t we believe everything starts with one small step. The commitment of  both parties (The acupresology  and his/her client/receiver)  to the method and principle of acupresology  that can drive forward a  positive outcome.